Saturday, September 20, 2014

Treibball fun

I competed with my dogs last weekend in Ontario's first Treiball Tournament.  We had a blast and came home with a few medals for our hard work!

Treiball is a game invented in Europe where the dog herds in exercise balls that are set in the same setup as in pool.  They push them in with their nose and it is a timed event.

Reese and Star

Star playing hide and seek.  That ball was hidden in the tunnel and they have to push it out.
Reese playing rapid fire.  Fast paced game to push four balls while I stand in the centre and send her around four balls in both directions for her to push in.

Reese brought in all the balls in an 8 ball game and drops at the end to stop the time.

Star playing rapid fire about to drop to end the game.
Star bringing in a ball during an 8 ball game.

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