Saturday, May 10, 2014

Turtle Trot Time

And I have a finish!  So happy to have another Sheep done :0)

Spring is finally here and we were all out enjoying some sunshine.


River, Cal, Reed, Star

Frosty Forest stitching, trying to get caught up...yeah right, lol.

A new addition to the garden.
My new raised vegetable beds.  Hard work getting them filled! Can hardly wait to start planting.

And a video that features Sandy the dog that showed up on our door step and the rescue group that stepped up to help us with her medical costs while we fostered her.

Hope you are having a Great Weekend!


  1. Congrats on the finish and nice progress Pat. Love the pics of the dogs.


  2. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, Pat :) I love your little sheep finish--I did that one, too, for a friend's birthday and she loved it!

    Love the photos of your pups!