Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas portraits

We had a late Christmas get together with our furkids with lots games and treats for both humans and dogs.  One of our friends daughter is a professional photographer and she volunteered to take pictures of our dogs.  She did a great job and I am really happy with the photos.  There is a group one that involved all 18 dogs that were there and I haven't seen that one yet.  That will be a neat one to see.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Turtle Trot

I worked on one of my sheep from The Little Needle House.  I really enjoy working on them.

I decided to take my Bothy Threads project off of my Turtle Trot list and replace it with another project that I found while organizing my craft room.  Its some Christmas ornaments that a purchased a couple of years ago. My Bothy project does have its own SAL so it has its own time :0)

I also worked on the Frosty Forest series.  My goal is to keep up with these (Ya right!) I wasn't that successful with the Sheep series but you never know....
and for company, Jasmine...she does not look too impressed at getting her picture taken, lol.
Stay warm!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Bothy SAL

Another very cold and windy night...perfect for stitching!  I added a bit to her pants and the backstitching to the basket of carrots.
Stay warm!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

YOTA Saturday SAL

Here is the project I picked for YOTA. This is from Pull the other thread Its my oldest one.  Sometime in the 90's I think, really can't believe its that old!  All I did was started the back stitching on it and its very hard to see as its a very light lavender colour.  I also noticed some stitches that I crossed over in the opposite direction so have to remove that section as well.  My goal is to get this one off my WIP list this year.
It's been very cold the last few days and today it is very windy.  The driving wasn't the best when I took the dogs to their chiropractor appointment this morning.  They are calling for a lot of snow tomorrow afternoon so I topped up the wood bin.....
Lit a nice fire......

and worked from home, its coming up to year end and its getting very busy.....
While I worked the dogs relaxed in front of the fire....
 and cats, whom I don't post about very much. This is Kato, he is 18 years old and spends most of his days sleeping :0)
This is Jasmine, who I rescued three years ago.  She was probably dumped.  We get that a lot in the country.  This is her new hiding spot as she can watch the birds that are drinking from the melted snow on my deck.
 Stay warm and now I'm going to enjoy an evening of stitching :0)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014!

The gang's yearly photo to start the year :0)
Hope everyone has a safe and healthy year with lots of stitching!