Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cat and bothy stitchery update

I got her!!  She is not a happy camper but she and her kittens are safe and sound.  I finally put the kittens in the trap I tried to stay near by but I could tell mama cat was waiting for me to leave so I went to do some gardening in the back yard and half an hour later came out to find her in the trap.  She is now being fostered by the shelter manager and has been named her Dottie.  I donated some money that would cover her spay surgery.  I think she will come around to be adoptable. 

Monday SAL update a day late.  I had a wisdom tooth and one other one removed yesterday and am very thankful for drugs, lol.


  1. Good for you for catching the stray cat and her kittens so she can be spayed and adopted. I was a kitten foster mother for our local animal shelter. They would give me litters of kittens to raise for a few months, then get them fixed so they could put them up for adoption.

    Nice progress even though you were highly medicated! LOL. I remember trying to stitch something after surgery too. I added your Cut Thru' Stable progress pic to the SAL page on my blog: http://debbiescrossstitch.blogspot.com/p/bothy-threads-cut-thru-sal.html

  2. Glad you were able to catch the cat and her kittens.
    Great progress on the Stable. I am also stitching that one in the SAL.


  3. I'm glad you caught her, and I hope she and her kittens find wonderful forever homes!!!

    Hope YOU are feeling better! I worked for an oral surgeon for a few years, so I know what you're going through!!! Take care!!! :-)