Monday, June 3, 2013

Busy weekend

Its been a very busy few days.  With all that rain we got a big branch broke.  The dogs thought it was great and would wrestle with the branches, I guess they were trying to help ;0)

It's all cut up and ready to burn next weekend.
We also judged a retriever trial.  I just love watching the dogs doing what they were bred to do.  They just have a blast and have smiles on their faces.
If you make this bigger you can see the dog coming back from finding his bird :0)
I would love to have this in my backyard!

The weather was a little iffy form very heavy rainfall to high winds and even had to stop the test for a snapping turtle wrestling....didn't want any dogs finding it and getting bit.
Didn't get a lot done on the crafty front but did get a start on my bothy SAL project.

And another dilemma a cat has had a litter in our garage.  Looks like there are three kittens.  We are trying to trap her as a rescue group has a foster home waiting for her.  I've been trying since she moved in and I noticed that she was pregnant.......anyone have any ideas!!


  1. I love seeing the pics of your dogs! Yes, I could see the dog in the water doing his retrieving! Nice start on your Cut Thru' Stable! I added the pic to the SAL page,

  2. I love to watch the dogs retrieve too--They are just amazing, aren't they?

    Hope you have luck trapping the cat--Maybe someone has a humane trap you can use to catch her?