Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekend stuff

It was  a very hot and quiet weekend filled with gardening, baking and playing with the dogs, in other words.....perfect ;0)
I found this statue on clearance at a local nursery.  Just couldn't resist a Lab mom and her pups.

My roses went crazy this year and I still have to clean up this part of the garden!

Puppy Cal, now about 16 weeks.

A little cooling off in the pool.

Belle sunning herself in some kind of yoga position, lol.

Finally, the first of the sheep virtues done.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cat and bothy stitchery update

I got her!!  She is not a happy camper but she and her kittens are safe and sound.  I finally put the kittens in the trap I tried to stay near by but I could tell mama cat was waiting for me to leave so I went to do some gardening in the back yard and half an hour later came out to find her in the trap.  She is now being fostered by the shelter manager and has been named her Dottie.  I donated some money that would cover her spay surgery.  I think she will come around to be adoptable. 

Monday SAL update a day late.  I had a wisdom tooth and one other one removed yesterday and am very thankful for drugs, lol.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Friday night was perfect for sewing, rainy and cool.  Everyone got a bone to chew so mom could get some sewing done :0)
I worked on my last SAL project.  I just have to put it together.  I will finish it today sometime.  I really want to start using it.

I was very remiss on posting my win from the Sew we Quilt blog during one of their hops.  It was abolutely full of goodies!  Very generous!

And for some cuteness.  Here is a picture of the kittens that were born in my garage. I wanted to check them out and make sure everything was ok.  Mom didn't mind a bit.  I tired to put them in a better spot with towels, etc. but mom moved them out and put them back in the straw...oh well.  If only I could catch her, she is just too wise for the trap.  It was suggested I put the kittens in the trap.  I'm not sure I like the idea in case she freaks out in there with them.
Hope everyone had a great sewing night :0)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Busy weekend

Its been a very busy few days.  With all that rain we got a big branch broke.  The dogs thought it was great and would wrestle with the branches, I guess they were trying to help ;0)

It's all cut up and ready to burn next weekend.
We also judged a retriever trial.  I just love watching the dogs doing what they were bred to do.  They just have a blast and have smiles on their faces.
If you make this bigger you can see the dog coming back from finding his bird :0)
I would love to have this in my backyard!

The weather was a little iffy form very heavy rainfall to high winds and even had to stop the test for a snapping turtle wrestling....didn't want any dogs finding it and getting bit.
Didn't get a lot done on the crafty front but did get a start on my bothy SAL project.

And another dilemma a cat has had a litter in our garage.  Looks like there are three kittens.  We are trying to trap her as a rescue group has a foster home waiting for her.  I've been trying since she moved in and I noticed that she was pregnant.......anyone have any ideas!!