Sunday, May 12, 2013

Update on Ben and spring flowers

I'm sorry for being slow with the update, I know people have been asking about how he is doing.
Here is Ben just almost three weeks after his surgery.  His stitches our out and the cone is off.  He is much happier with out that cone on (and so am I, sleeping with him beside me at night was a tad uncomfortable, lol.)
He had a lot of adjustments to make and was quite unsure and very needy in the beginning but he is getting there.  Every day gets better.  His tumor was also benign which was really good news.
I got my May project done for the SAL, not much else to do with this rainy cold weather :0)
A few pictures of our cherry blossoms.  I just love this tree in the spring


And our new addition Cal.  He is nine weeks now.
Reed is the best babysitter!  He is so good with him.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend and Mother's day.

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  1. I'm glad your boy Ben is doing well and that spring has found you!! That Cal would make anyone feel better, whatta cutie!!!