Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The good the bad and the ugly

The good, a great hike at the farm.  The weather was just perfect after that cold spell the dogs had a little cabin fever and needed a good run.

 The snow just sparkled.....
 Frost touched everything....
We were able to cross the creek as it was frozen and got a beautiful view.
The bad was having to cut a part of a tree down and clean up and load up the wood and the ugly was having to dig up our septic tank to have it pumped.  Digging through the frozen ground was not alot of fun.

but later more good as I selected fabric for the February SAL.  My book came in but I was short some of the bigger pieces of fabric so had to order more.  Its lovely french general fabric that I won at Red Brolly.

I got everything cut and started the stitching so I will be ready to go when my order arrives so hopefully I won't miss the deadline.
Overall a busy but good weekend :0)
Sandy was spayed yesterday and recovering very well.

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  1. I like seeing the snow pics........good to see a start on the Feb SAL project........lovely choice of fabrics......