Monday, September 3, 2012

Stitch-a-long update

I haven't posted an update on this project for awhile.  I have one block left to do and some of the patchwork in between.  They are cut just have to put them together :0)


Love how the sunshine touched this block

I'm really enjoying working on this quilt.


My kitty Jasmine enjoying some flowers I brought into the house.  She broke a vase yesterday playing with the flowers.

My handsome boy Reed
Star, always smiling :0)

One of my favourite late summer flowers, they are so cheerful.
Its been a busy long weekend full of gardening and painting.  My DH spent the last two days scraping and painting the outside of the house.  I helped where a high ladder wasn't involved, heights are not my thing, lol.

Hope everyone is having a lovely long weekend!

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