Sunday, December 19, 2010

Quiet Sunday

We started the day off with a nice hike.  The dogs have been cooped up way too much lately.  Snowy Sundays are great for baking.  The gang loves it when I make dog cookies,  I seem to have their undived attention.  You can see Jade in the background in her new sweater.  Her coat has been slow to come in since her cushings issues had started so we bought her a couple of sweaters to keep her warm.  She did join us once she realized what I had in my hand :0)

Of course I did bake some goodies for the humans as well.
Haven't done any quilting since last weekend.  I'm at the point of putting the sashing on and sewing the rows together.  I'm hoping to have something to post after Christmas.  This weekend was mostly to catch up on chores and a little painting. 
We hope everyone has a Great Christmas!

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