Monday, September 27, 2010

Visit to the farm

I just love being on a farm and decided it was a great time to get some more practice in with my SLR.  I am most happiest being surrounded by animals.  I don't know the names of all the animals.  This is a petting farm for kids.  Below is Goatie, those ears, probably get good reception!
Just look at that expression, loved the eye and coat colour

This calf was just fascinated with the baby goat who was steeling her food :0)
This is a miniature horse named Georgia, I just loved her eye lashes.  She is a little on the shy side so couldn't get a closeup.

River's first canoe ride

Tonight was River's first canoe ride.  It didn't fizz her at all.

She took it all in stride and thought it was great

After letting some of  the dogs out to run around and enjoy the water,
I looked out and there was Ben he had went out to see Chris and River. 
Not long after River jumped out of  the boat to play with Ben.
 I really thought the canoe was going to capsize.